Chapter 27: It’s Alive! A Garden Update

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Time for a garden update!¬† Quick and dirty just for my future reference plus a few questions. And clearly¬† I had the iPad turned the wrong direction when taking my photos. The tomatoes are doing pretty well but a few are starting to get these cruddy leaves and I’m not sure why. Hmmm Strawberry patch!… Read more »

Chapter 24: Jonah Day

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It has been one of those days. Actually it has been a couple of those days. I had a conversation with God on my commute home today (and some of you know the significance of that for me. Never mind actually talking about it publicly.) The results being many thoughts bubbling in my brain and… Read more »

Chapter 20: How Does Your Garden Grow?

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No silver bells or pretty maids but there are lots of hot peppers! It’s May Day and everything I had planned to put in the garden is already there. That’s definitely a first. Two years ago I was scurrying to get as much planted as I could the first weekend in May before Daniel and… Read more »