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We Love Daddy Close UpYes, we sure do! We Heart Daddy so much that I finally got around to making celebration bunting like I say I’m going to do for every holiday but never do.

Daniel's GiftsSamuel photo collage for Daddy’s desk (once we get his home office space set up), card with a special gift (3 month subscription to Daniel’s online Lord of the Rings game: he usually plays the free version) and a new bib for Samuel made by Mama. “My Daddy outgeeks your Daddy by a Yottabyte.” ¬†Apparently that’s a lot. If that is even a real unit of measurement. I’m not certain it wasn’t just made up by other geeks.

Samuel and Daddy

My guys at Vintage Fellowship on Father’s Day.

I was so proud to share my birthday with Daniel’s very first Father’s Day this year! What better birthday present could I ask for than these handsome fellows making up my little family? But I’ll still take the gift certificate for a massage that they gave me and the many many crab legs I got to eat for my birthday dinner ūüôā ¬†I am so blessed.

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I can’t believe how fast my baby boy is growing! It was a few days late, but I’m still impressed that I successfully took and edited some two month photos. Can I get a round of applause for follow-through? His three month will be on the 4th of July and I’m excited to take his picture in the little red, white and blue outfits his Aunt Jo and Great Great got him. For comparison of his weed-like growing, here are his one month and two month teddy bear perspective shots.

1 month vs 2 monthHis cheeks are definitely chubbier. I’ve had to put away quite a few of his little outfits because he’s already outgrown them! *sniff sniff* My big, long two-month-old is now wearing his 3-6 month clothes. I will really miss some of his sweet little Newborn outfits. He has grown about two inches and gained probably 5lbs+ by now. Samuel was almost 22 inches long and 11lbs 1oz almost two weeks ago at his check-up.¬†As much as I miss my tiny little new guy, it’s so fun to watch him develop his personality. He started to really smile at us a few weeks ago and now he is a grinning machine on the verge of laughing.¬†He thinks it’s absolutely hilarious when I ask him if he is a Bad, Bad Baby. We have also discovered that he has a ticklish tummy.

Samuel Collage

His sleeping has improved and he consistently goes down for one 5-6hr stretch almost every night. For this I am very grateful.¬†IMG_6319editedLuna runs up to Samuel whenever he cries so she can check on him. We think she is still judging us to be ill-fit parents since we never lick him. “Poor bald puppy,” she is thinking.

IMG_6317editedHe has been napping in his bassinet in the living room or in his swing during the day (although the motor in the swing is about to die on us so that may change depending on whether or not we decide to get a new swing or stick with the bouncy chair) and he sleeps in his cradle next to our bed at night. I think he’s about to outgrow the bassinet, though.

IMG_6335editedHe does get tired of me taking his picture after a while.


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I can’t believe our sweet puppy is two! The Christmas before Daniel and I got married we watched this clip on Discovery at his grandmother’s house. I once fostered a wheaten terrier that I rescued from a puppy mill auction, so I knew it was one of the breeds that I’d want if I got a dog again. When I had Thatcher I said I would not be getting another puppy until I lived with someone who would be helping take care of it because I felt so bad about him being home alone so much. Daniel spent the rest of the trip hounding me until I agreed that we could get a wheaten terrier puppy after the wedding. His winning argument was “Don’t you want to be able to have a dog trained by the time we have a baby around?” Well, now we have a baby AND a pretty well-trained dog.

Luna is a joy to have around and we have fairly successfully trained some of the more troublesome Wheaten traits out of her. Namely the Wheaten Greetin’. ¬†While she does still get excited about visitors, she’s pretty good about not actually jumping ON them. And people told us we couldn’t train her not to jump. HA! She also sits, lies down, rolls over, stays, shakes, high fives and does a pretty decent long down. We’re looking forward to doing the Obedience Level II with her at Canine Connection eventually to master some more complicated commands. (PS: We highly recommend their Puppy Preschool class to anyone with a new puppy.)

Soft-coated wheaten terriers make great family pets, great watchdogs, terrible guard dogs (Luna thinks everyone is coming to see her so she’d definitely lick a robber) and loving companions. Their coat, while great for people with allergies, is very high maintenance and their terrier personality means they need lots of gentle but firm training to be manageable. I wouldn’t recommend the breed to anyone who doesn’t want to spend a lot of time on their dog. We don’t mind the investment because Luna is the best dog ever and we love having the little muppet as part of our family.

Happy Birthday, Sweet Luna Lovegood!


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Our neighbors have a pet pterodactyl on their porch. At least it sounds like one. The other day we awoke to some very strange sounds. At first I thought it was a power saw, but Daniel became convinced that there was a pterodactyl loose in our neighborhood and it was going to eat us any second. Either that or someone’s big pet bird had escaped and roosted in one of our trees. We finally discovered that our neighbors a few doors down have an enormous bird cage on their front porch containing what, from a distance, looks like a Macaw. But it still might be a flying dinosaur because this sucker is LOUD. And they are saying now that dinosaurs had feathers. Just in case, I’m keeping an eye on Luna when she goes out just in case a flying dinosaur swoops down to snatch her up. I won’t tolerate that kind of shenanigans.