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Hello there, 8 months.

Your Christmas tree sign may not be as cute as the 7 month turkey, but I still love ya.
PicMonkey CollageWhile all of Samuel’s little friends and family members his age have started crawling, Samuel says, “Suck it. I don’t wanna be on my tummy,” and has made exactly zero attempts to crawl. I am ok with this. We are definitely not baby-proofed enough for a mobile baby.

IMG_7886What he DID start doing this month is scooting on his little booty. It’s difficult on the carpet, but he’s getting better and better at moving across the floor.

IMG_7916He sure does love his puppy!

We added a few new foods this month. Pumpkin puree has been his favorite so far. He tasted it for the first time on Thanksgiving day (of course) and devoured it.

IMG_7834I can’t believe how fast he’s growing. He is pretty solidly in 9 month clothes now. He was able to get a little extra wear out of some 6 month outfits over Thanksgiving since we did disposable diapers while we were gone and they aren’t as bulky as the cloth.

IMG_7836I had to take the pillow out of the bassinet for this month’s photoshoot. I was afraid he’s topple out trying to sit up in it!





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It seems like Samuel jumped suddenly from newborn to big baby this month.

7 Month Baby Photo

He moved from his cradle in our room to his crib in his nursery the night he turned 6 months old. That was so difficult for this Mama! Even though it only takes me about 4 steps to get from our bed to his crib. He hasn’t been sleeping very well lately but his Granny sent me a copy of “The No Cry Sleep Solution” by Elizabeth Pantley so I have high hopes of some improvement. Waking every 1-2 hours is a little much.

7 Month Baby Photo with Puppy

Our little guy starting sitting unassisted this month.

7 Month Baby Photo with wooden Toy

We sit on the floor and play with all of his toys and he just looks so BIG.

Remember this Toy Box? Our cousin did some work on it for us to tighten up a few spots where the wood was pulling apart and it’s as good as new and taking a place of honor in Samuel’s nursery.

7 Month Baby Photo with Toybox

He has also started listening when I read him his books instead of trying to eat them the entire time.

1-7 Months Baby Photos

Our big, sweet boy weighs 18 pounds now! He’s going to outgrow his carseat before we know it and have to move up to the next size. It’s all going by so quickly!


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Influenster has been showering me with free items to review the past couple of months and I’m Loving it!

About a month ago they sent me some Dr. Scholl’s Active Series shoe inserts to try out so that I could review them and tell the world. I was excited to receive them, thinking it meant I could start the Couch to 5K program again before the weather got cold. Of course, right before they came in the mail I suffered a mystery injury to my right foot and ankle that ruled that out. I can’t imagine why my foot would be hurting just because I walked around Farmer’s Market for 3 hours in 2 year-old flip flops, can you?

When my package came I was excited anyway, even though I knew I wouldn’t be jogging anytime soon. I love getting mail!

I had no idea what to expect from the Dr. Scholl’s Active Series inserts since I have never purchased or use any kind of replacement insoles before. I thought they would be going on top of my old ones and I took an odd amount of pleasure in getting to rip my old inserts out of my junky old Reeboks. Adjusting the size of the inserts was simple: you place your old inserts on top of the new ones and trace them. Then you use some regular scissors and cut the extra off. I had to trim just a bit more off the end but they fit perfectly after that.

I didn’t do any jogging, but I took a few walks in my new and improved shoes and I am officially a convert! Dr. Scholl’s Active Series inserts are wonderful! It was like getting brand new shoes. I know that I’ll need to get actual new shoes if I get back into jogging because shoes are more than their insoles, but for now these feel fantastic. My aching foot/ankle felt and feels a lot better with the extra support and cushion provided by the Dr. Scholl’s Active Series Inserts. They ARE more than I would normally spend on something like this because I am such a huge tightwad. BUT, at $20 for the pair, they have extended the life of my old tennis shoes and saved me from having to spend $60-$100 on a new pair for the time being, so I would say they are worth it. I could probably even get away with spending a little less on a pair of shoes and swapping out the insoles for the Active Series insoles to bring them up to par.

Thanks, Influenster, for the Dr. Scholl’s Active Series upgrade on my old shoes. I approve!

Dr Scholl's Active Series Inserts

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Samuel’s First Halloween!

I tried to take some fantastic seasonal photos on the front porch with my four pumpkins but Samuel-Pumpkin was very serious during our photo shoot.


Cute Pumpkin

This was the closest he came to giving me a smile.


Fall Porch

The composition is a little off on this one, but I really like how you can see the mums and the fallen leaves on the steps.

Family Halloween

Family Costumes!

We took Samuel to Trick-or-Treat on the Square so that we could say we took him for his first Halloween and also to see some friends who were handing out candy. I grabbed a tiny Halloween bag on the way out the door so that we could pretend Samuel was actually trick-or-treating. I always thought it was weird when parents would come to our door for candy carrying only a child that clearly isn’t old enough to eat the candy. I was just looking for a photo op but something lovely happened. People kept sticking candy into Samuel’s little bag with a wink.  One lady put a sucker in for Samuel (no, I’m not letting him have it) and then grabbed a huge handful of candy from her basket and said, “And THIS is for Mommy!” Oh, Bless that woman. Bless her, Bless her Bless her!

Because it’s his first Halloween Samuel has multiple costumes, of course. We Trick-or-Treated at the neighbor’s house with the cutest bee ever. And by Trick-or-Treated I mean we went over and hung out talking for two hours. We haven’t visited with them in a while so it was great to sit and catch up.

Baby Bee

Keeping an eye on Facebook today, I was excited to see everyone’s Halloween costume photos from work. I hadn’t anticipated how much I would miss Halloween in an office! All of the costume contests and special food and excitement. Halloween was always one of my favorite work days so it was definitely a tiny bit sad to be missing out on it all. It occurred to me too late that there is no reason not to do all that stuff at home! So I’m going to start planning now for making Halloween an all day event next year. First item on the list will be wearing my Halloween costume all. day. long. Hurrah for overkill!