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I used to have a blog for approximately 3 days called “Where’s the Ring?” I wrote about a few blind dates and then lost interest. The caption under the heading read:

Whether it’s family members asking me at someone else’s wedding or I’m asking it of myself, this seems to be the question of the hour for a single 27 y/o woman. Why aren’t you married yet?

Between then and now a lot of people have asked me why I’m not married or when am I getting married or “Isn’t it time for you to get married and have some babies?” I’m not 27 anymore. I’ll be 30 in less than 6 months. I’ll also be married in less than 6 months. Um, yah.


More on that lovely story later. It’s Christmas Eve-Eve and I’m off to work for a half day and then home to pack up to head to the family for Christmas. I don’t even really need the Christmas shenanigans this year to be cheerful. I am blissfully happy 🙂 And, yet, I STILL get Christmas presents on top of it all!!!! Merry Christmas to me!!!!

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Last week I got a half a bushel of apples on clearance for $10 and decided it was time to make some apple butter. YUM. I found out recently that you just make it in your crock pot! Easy as apple pie. You DO have to make the apple sauce first, but that’s no problem. Unless, of course, you don’t have a food mill. I just assumed I’d be able to pick one up at our local wholesale kitchen store on Saturday morning. Not so much. They only had little tiny ones or big giant electric, restaurant style $300 versions. I can order one for fairly cheap online but the apples needed to be used now. I finally resigned myself to pealing a half a bushel of apples because you CAN make apple sauce without a food mill if you peal them first since the purpose of the mill is to separate the fruit from the skin. You just have to put them in the food processor or blender after they’ve softened up on the stove. I was saved only 4 apples in by a friend who had her grandmother’s old Foley Food Mill and offered to let me borrow it. The old ones your grandma had work so much better than anything new, I swear. And I REALLY didn’t want to peal 1/2 a bushel of apples.

So I have a crock pot full of apple sauce in the fridge waiting to start cooking tomorrow and turn into delicious apple butter. My house is going to smell DELICIOUS tomorrow! Then I’ll can them and have lovely jars up on the shelf next to the strawberry jam I canned in the spring. Like Laura Ingalls Wilder. Cause I’m a pioneer girl.

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Eureka Springs, that is.

Daniel and I have been saying for over a year that we wanted to make it up to Eureka Springs to poke around but just never got around to it. There was an Ozark Folk Festival this weekend and it was a pretty day so we headed up this afternoon for a quick visit.

Road Trip!!

The Hill Benders–Love that Bluegrass!

We wandered through the shops and when we came back by there was a drum circle! It was actually pretty cool. I might have to go to one in town one of these days

Everyone always says, “If you go to Eureka, you have to go to Geraldi’s.” So we did. It was pretty tasty. I would recommend it if you’re in the area and wanting some pizza. Of course, they were closing up shop at 7pm like every place else, so you better get there early.

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I won this in an Ebay auction today.  First Edition, 39th Impression Anne of Green Gables.  I could sing for joy.  I had resigned myself to never being able to own an early edition Anne of Green Gables.  They usually go for several hundred dollars.  I paid $36.55.  My heart might explode with excitement when it comes in the mail.  Anne calls very bad days in which nothing seems to go right “Jonah Days.”  Today was not that kind of day.