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We have had pretty eventful weekends for several weekends in a row.  Several weeks ago Daniel and I decided to finally bite the bullet after two years of talking about it and we bought ourselves a couple of kayaks!  The only way I could get myself to do it was to call it our 1 year anniversary present, PLUS my birthday (this month) and Daniel’s birthday in the Fall.

Our sweet friend Grace gave us the car rack for a wedding gift last year. Thanks, Grace!

Luna was very concerned about Daniel out on the lake testing a kayak without her.
If she had stayed in the kayak with Daniel she wouldn’t have been soaking wet and she wouldn’t have had to watch from the shore. That’s where she swam to when she dove off the boat.

So this weekend we finally got the chance to try out the kayaks as well as Luna’s new doggy life-jacket on a float trip with my family.  The river I grew up floating on is about three and a half hours away so we decided to camp too. My uncle and two little cousins camped with us and we had a wonderful time telling scary stories (Hayden promised to “Scare your face off”) and making banana boats. Banana Boats=Banana+chocolate+marshmallows+whatever else you have +tinfoil+campfire.  So fun.

This was the most organized we were going to get for a group shot. That’s my kayak in the front. Isn’t it pretty?

Luna’s 2nd time camping.  She slept without her crate for the first time ever and did great in the tent!

Luna is a great car-rider. But she worries when Daniel is in the gas station.

I don’t have any photos of Luna riding in Daniel’s kayak or mine because our waterproof case broke for the still camera 🙁 We’re hoping we can glue the broken piece back together.  I did take the Flip video in its waterproof case so I’ll post the video once I get it edited.  Luna did SUCH a great job for her first float trip!  We all came home exhausted and looking forward to doing it again next weekend for my birthday.

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OK, so it’s a little goofy that we’re not making pizza on the Friday night that I institute “Pizza and Pinterest Fridays” but we USUALLY make home made pizza on Friday nights so the name is staying.  The plan is to do a little bit of discussing about whatever pizza we make each Friday and the recipe we use.  We’re still searching for just the right dough recipe and I’m pretty sure I keep repeating recipes and wondering why it feels like I can never get it right.  On top of the quick pizza recap (Which is mostly for my own record-keeping) I’ll post a Pinterest “Pin of the Week.”  Maybe something I have tried out or something that looks cool and I want to try out or maybe even something completely ridiculous.

Tonight I made tacos instead of pizza because Daniel had pizza at Guy’s Night last night where they all hung out and watched hours and hours of Alien movies (you know, Sigourney Weaver eating her way out of an alien that ate her. Or something like that) in anticipation of the new one coming out.  Gag.  I am sometimes invited to guys night when it involves movies (I felt like Queen of the Geeks when I went to see the new Star Trek with them) but I declined this time on the grounds that those old Alien movies freak me the frack out.

Tonight’s Pin is a recipe from Mel’s Kitchen Cafe.  See her pretty pictures? She’s way better at photography than I am.  But, I use my iPad for most of my blog photos so I’m going to blame that. Yup.  Not a lack of skills on my part. Nope. Definitely not.

My Tools

You can tell I’m very organic and brand conscious when it comes to spices.  But the almost-empty oregano container is about to get filled with oregano we grew in and dried ourselves. +1 Hippy Point
I followed the directions to the letter. 
Except for the part where I never do that.  Also we are out of cayenne powder.  
We have lots of dried peppers. They just need to be ground up with our zillion pound stone mortar and pestle that we got a TJ Maxx for like $0.17. Or $10.  Whatever it was, it was cheap.
This next picture is where I shook it like a Polaroid Picture.  
But I would never really shake a Polaroid Picture like that because the company said not to.
Although we always did ours and they never burst into flames or anything.
I miss Polaroid Instant Pictures.
This is where I get a tiny bit embarrassed because my container is not a cute half pint mason jar.  
Don’t get me wrong.  I have a lot of those.
Two of them currently hold Q-Tips and cotton balls in my bathroom.  I’m so stylish.
I didn’t get that from Pinterest.
I think I got it from the Pioneer Woman.
But I might have just made it up.  Maybe.
I really do have a lot of mason jars in varying sizes.
I also just happened to have an empty ground cinnamon container handy and figured I’d do the planet a solid and rock some “Reduce REUSE Recycle” action.
Here is the final product.  
As you can plainly see, I am terrible at food photography.
But the lettuce is from the garden so I had to use this picture to brag on our garden harvest!
And that’s my Pin of the Week!  I suggest you hurry over to pin it and/or make it.  And give this Mel character some love on her blog.  The food porn alone is worth the visit. 

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It has been one of those days. Actually it has been a couple of those days. I had a conversation with God on my commute home today (and some of you know the significance of that for me. Never mind actually talking about it publicly.) The results being many thoughts bubbling in my brain and heart that I can’t really articulate yet. Maybe/ hopefully soon. We’ll see.

Last week was Daniel and my 1 year wedding anniversary. I have had a post brewing for a while since I never did do a wedding post but it will have to wait for a cheerier day.

Instead, please enjoy some photos from the iPad.

1) I can’t believe how sweet and little Luna was in November.
2) I thought the tomato sprouts I stuck in this pot would never survive. Boy was I wrong!
3) Strawberry harvests are a few at a time right now but they are perfect sliced up with a banana in a bowl of homemade ice cream.

I leave you with a quote from my dear friend, Anne Shirley and I hope I’m not botching it from memory because I’m too tired to double check it.

“Tomorrow is a new day. With no mistakes in it, yet.”

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I have volunteer petunias coming up all over the place. In a pot for the 2nd year in a row as well as all around the new 4×10 raised bed! Those are the biggest surprise and they put such a smile on my face. We also finally have some poppies blooming from seeds we got for Christmas from Daniel’s grandmother. They came from her own garden so they are extra special just like our blackberry bush from her house. It’s FULL of green blackberries. I see cobbler in our future.

Life is good.