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I don’t know whether to feel like a genius for thinking of this or an idiot for never having thought of it before!

I hate bibs with velcro closures. I much prefer the snaps because the velcro NEVER stays closed in the wash and then it snags on all of the other laundry.

Bibs Collage


This especially drives me crazy when they attach themselves to our pretty Aiden and Anais swaddle blankets. Once those get snagged it just keeps pulling and jacks them all up. That’s when I want to go on a hobo-punching spree. Last time one of the bibs tried to destroy the rest of the laundry I didn’t see any hobos close by. Luckily, I experienced a life-changing epiphany instead.

Lingerie bag for washing bibs


I felt like the smarted person on the planet when this occurred to me. Put the evil little things in a lingerie bag! That way, it doesn’t matter if they come apart. The velcro hooks can’t attack anything outside the bag! Now I put anything with velcro into a lingerie bag to wash and dry and I feel like little birds should land on my shoulders and sing to me when I do laundry because life is so good. I am patiently awaiting my invitation to Mensa.

You’re welcome.

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