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My current Frugal Friday (posted on Saturday-Whoops) project is a deck makeover. I will be doing what I can to fix up our back deck with $32.25 in change from my spare change piggy bank. Because I’m a big, fat tightwad. And it just sounds like a fun challenge.

Our back porch is a 6’x6′ wood deck off the back door. It was new and pretty when I bought our house 6 years ago, but I never got around to staining or water treating it. Just another project that got Dogeared for later. I really wish the guy who was flipping the house had gone ahead and built the deck across the back of the house or even just used 12′ boards to build a 12’x12′ deck instead of 6’x6′.  I haven’t found a good way to use the deck very much because of its small size. It’s really too small for even a bistro table and chairs. I’m afraid we’d fall off the edge! I’m thinking about finding a single chair to put in front of the window so that Samuel and I can sit on the deck in the mornings when the porch is shady.

Chairs will come later, though. Before I tackle furniture or decorations, the deck has to be cleaned and treated. We don’t have a power washer so off to The Facebook I went! Anytime I start a project like this or I’m just looking to make a purchase, I ask on Facebook first. Specifically if it’s a project that requires a special tool that we’re not likely to need very often or maybe never againl. This time, I updated my status asking if anyone had a power washer that we could borrow for a day. Luckily, my Uncle offered up his in exchange for us taking Samuel to see him for some Great Uncle/Nephew bonding time..

I also asked if anyone had any leftover stain from a deck project. Since our deck is only 6’x6′, it’s not going to take very much to get the job done. The cheapest and smallest option for deck stain I found at Lowe’s was almost $20 and would cover at least 100 square feet. That’s more than twice as much as I need and it takes up more than half of my budget so I’m hoping someone will have some leftovers we can use.


Deck Makeover Status

Planned Step 1: Wash Deck

Planned Step 2: Stain/Weather Treat Deck

Spent: $0.00

Budget Remaining: $32.25


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