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We Love Daddy Close UpYes, we sure do! We Heart Daddy so much that I finally got around to making celebration bunting like I say I’m going to do for every holiday but never do.

Daniel's GiftsSamuel photo collage for Daddy’s desk (once we get his home office space set up), card with a special gift (3 month subscription to Daniel’s online Lord of the Rings game: he usually plays the free version) and a new bib for Samuel made by Mama. “My Daddy outgeeks your Daddy by a Yottabyte.”  Apparently that’s a lot. If that is even a real unit of measurement. I’m not certain it wasn’t just made up by other geeks.

Samuel and Daddy

My guys at Vintage Fellowship on Father’s Day.

I was so proud to share my birthday with Daniel’s very first Father’s Day this year! What better birthday present could I ask for than these handsome fellows making up my little family? But I’ll still take the gift certificate for a massage that they gave me and the many many crab legs I got to eat for my birthday dinner 🙂  I am so blessed.

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  1. Aunt Lee-Lee

    In ALL seriousness…….I wonder if you realize how heart-touching this picture is. Daniel’s whole face, his smile, his worship filled eyes, the way he’s holding his son, speak of his love for Samuel……..May the Lord be with you and may He shower His blessings down on this family in a wonderful onslaught of LOVE AND MERCY!

    Please tell me, Erin, if I am allowed to write on this site. Is nobody else posting, or is it set up to not show comments by others? You haven’t mentioned seeing the other posts, so I’m wondering if I’m stepping over the line…….

    • Erin

      Daniel is very proud of his boy! I love watching him with Samuel. He’s a great Daddy!

      Of course you are allowed and encouraged to comment! I think most people just read and don’t comment but comments are ALWAYS nice 🙂 They don’t show up right away because I have it set up so that I have to approve all comments so I can weed out the spam.


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