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What? Doesn’t everyone follow up their baby announcement blog post with a product review?

Right before the Big Day came for Samuel’s arrival I had an Old Navy Style Council shopping trip to make so I gave my friend Natalie a call and we met up at Old Navy to scope out some of their Women’s Best Tees. We wandered around a bit, unsure of which KIND of t-shirt was a “Best Tee.” Old Navy has a lot of different kinds of t-shirts! I was pretty excited because I used to wear a lot of Old Navy T-shirts so I looked forward to getting a few new ones. I went through a stage in Grad School where I wore khaki shorts and a solid colored t-shirt all the time. Those t-shirts from Old Navy were so sturdy and lasted forever.

After a few minutes we asked an associate to direct us to the Women’s Best Tees and we went to town grabbing several different sizes and styles to try on. I wanted to get two that would transition from my “I’m about to give birth” belly to my impending “I just had a baby” belly and that would be cozy but cute for my recovery period. We modeled for each other a few times and made our choices. However, once we made it to the register, our Style Council coupons wouldn’t ring up for the shirts. After some deliberation, we decided that maybe it was really the Vintage Tees that we were supposed to get. That was fine by Natalie especially since the Vintage Tee is her favorite style. We swapped out our chosen styles for V-neck Vintage Tees (I got a pretty bright blue and a dark green) and headed back to the register. I went ahead and got larges thinking that, while the deep V-neck would be too revealing in a bigger size, it would probably work well as a nursing top and then I could probably pair it with a tank later. The register STILL wouldn’t ring up the shirts correctly but a manager came and worked some magic for us and we were good to go.

The biggest thing I noticed about all of the t-shirts was that the fabric is really thin. I guess that’s just the style right now, and I like that for layering and for some looks since it gives it an extra cozy, well-worn feel, but I also like to have a nice thick cotton for a t-shirt sometimes. There were a ton of color options so I think anyone would find something that was right for them. I don’t remember how much they were full price (hey, I just had a baby. I have an excuse for a memory lapse), but I remember thinking that it wasn’t too bad and that the sale price they were having at the time was a pretty decent sale. All in all I would recommend this year’s women’s tees at Old Navy if you are in the market to update the t-shirts in your wardrobe.

Big Belly 1 Big Belly 2The striped black pattern was my first choice, but I ended up getting the blue one I was wearing in the pregnancy photos that my friend Mitsi took. I just love this blue!

Barefoot and Pregnant

Natalie Shopping

Thanks for coming shopping with me, Natalie!

* I didn’t get paid for this post and review, but I DID get two free t-shirts. My opinions are my own and it would cost a lot more than that to sway me 🙂

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