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Samuel Andrew

Samuel Andrew
7lbs 5ozs
20 inches long

Virtue Toes


Mama and baby are doing fine, just tired and recovering from an unexpected c-section. Detailed updates to come when I can do more than feed this gorgeous lad or stare at my unrecognizable feet in awe that anything could swell that much after not having a stitch of swelling during my entire pregnancy. In the meantime, enjoy the above photo as a contrast to show that Samuel got my regular Virtue toes and big long feet. They are absurd on a baby and I just want to smother them with kisses.

3 Responses to “Chapter 62: Welcome, Samuel Andrew!”

  1. Aunt Joyce

    Been praying for you all, couldn’t hardly wait to see him. Love his name Samuel is a Virtue name you know. So glad to know you are ok was very concerned about you. May you gain strength every day. Glory be to God for your blessings. I’ll have to be patient and wait to se him and you all when the time is right, hopely the shower. is not the reunion. Love you Erin, Daniel and Samuel.

  2. Linda Rice

    So precious ! The look he is giving you is priceless…. he wonders what you think you are doing showing the world his feet. He wasn’t ready for the world to see them.. Congratulations !!! Job well done… He is wonderful..

  3. Great Grandma Lawson

    So glad everything is okay. Can’t wait to see Baby Samuel.
    Love, Great Grandma Lawson via Aunt Jean.


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