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We did a pretty decent job in the past week on our Experimental Collective homework. For the “action” phase of our 6 weeks we planned to spend a week at a time on the following areas.

  • Week 1:  Living Room and Sun Room
  • Week 2: Master Bedroom
  • Week 3: Spare Bedroom (Future Nursery)
  • Week 4: Laundry/Storage Room

We realized fairly quickly that two rooms was a little ambitious but we really didn’t have quite as much to get rid of in either of these rooms as we use most of what was in the living room and I just recently cleaned and organized the sun room. The only thing we ended up doing in there this time was pull more books from our bookshelves to trade in for credit at Dickson Street Book Shop and then donate the leftovers. I could have probably spent a week going through my craft and knitting supplies and just reorganizing the books. SOME DAY I will have those books organized by the Dewey Decimal System.  It’s my dream. I’l also have some cool program that I can use my phone to scan in each book’s bar code and have a full catalog of every book we own.  Then people will have to officially check books out if they want to borrow them. *sigh*

In the living room we added to a box of DVDs that we don’t really care about keeping. We’ll be taking these over to Hastings to get some trade-in credit there. I cleared off the hutch that had become a catch-all spot and put up the nativity set. Even though we don’t have our tree yet, that, our Advent calendar and constant Christmas music make me feel festive. I also cleared the bottom shelf of the book shelf of the photos and photo albums to keep Luna’s dog toys and pet supplies in an old fruit box I got at a swap meet this summer for just a few bucks.  The photo albums went down on the bookshelves in the sun room and I put our photo books that I’ve had printed on the walls in hooks for hanging plates.  It’s a handy way to showcase them so that you can actually see the cover art instead of just the spine as they sit on a bookshelf.

As nice as it feels to have cleared out a little clutter, I didn’t personally feel anything spiritual or clarifying in week one.  I didn’t have a hard time getting rid of anything I threw away, pulled aside to sell or got ready to donate.  Week two has begun a little more difficultly, though.

Tonight I started by clearing off my nightstand; tossing trash and organizing. That was not a problem. Neither was going through the night stand drawers and getting rid of undies and worn out socks. It became a little more painful when I switched to the pile of clothes on top of my dresser and my PJs and workout clothes drawer and the bins under the bed. Some of the skirts I put in the donate pile are skirts that I have really loved over the years. However, I am following the advice of a dear friend and getting rid of pretty much my entire pre-baby wardrobe unless it’s something I just know I can’t get rid of. Three of the skirts I forced myself to part with tonight have been staples in my wardrobe for a long time. I figured that 7 years might be long enough and it was time to let them go. It was difficult to put them in the bag but I made myself do it.  Part of me is worried that I’ll be kicking myself and longing for my favorite outfits come next summer but I feel ok with my decision for now.

I had no hesitation at all when it came to the shoes under my bed. I used to wear the heck out of all of my little kitten heels from target but I can’t even stand to wear those anymore. I don’t understand how I ever kept those dang things on my feet. So away they go along with almost every other pair of heels I own. I kept a brown pair and a black pair of work heels and  my red weeding shoes. I know I’ll never wear those red shoes again. The stupid things gave me blisters before I even walked down the aisle, but I’m just not ready to donate them yet. The rest of my shoes are on a rack by the front door.

So now I am exhausted and ready for bed.  But I think that was a pretty successful start to week two of our Experimental Collective on Simplicity.  Although, now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure there is one more bin of summer clothes that I didn’t fit into this summer when I WASN’T pregnant so I’m certain they won’t fit me next summer when I have a new baby so away they’ll be going tomorrow! I think I’ll dig into the closet and do a big purge in there so Daniel’s clothes will have a little more room. 🙂 Then Daniel will have to tackle his dresser and see about thinning out the two entire drawers full of t-shirts.

Nightstand Before

Nightstand After

Dresser Before

Dresser After

So many shoes

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