Chapter 19: iPad Blogging Step – Blogger

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Trying out the Blogger Application. It’s showing up all tiny on the screen so I’m guessing it’s really an iPhone App. The keyboard is way too small to type much comfortably. So this one is probably not going to be my first choice but it IS free. It also looks pretty easy to post photos… Read more »

Chapter 18: Ghost-written by Eeyore

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I think I was sleep-blogging last night. That post has terrible flow, ideas that I meant to get across are completely left out and I made some really embarrassing grammar mistakes. Whoops. That’s why this whole National Blog Posting Month challenge is probably going to be good for me. I clearly need the practice. My… Read more »

Chapter 17: Luna Lovegood–In the fur

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My husband is allergic to cats. Generally speaking, they make his throat close up and his nose stops working and he ends up asking someone to please just saw open his head. He failed to mention this to me for a very long time when we started dating. You see, I have a cat. A… Read more »