Chapter 13: An apple a day

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Last week I got a half a bushel of apples on clearance for $10 and decided it was time to make some apple butter. YUM. I found out recently that you just make it in your crock pot! Easy as apple pie. You DO have to make the apple sauce first, but that’s no problem…. Read more »

Chapter 12: EUREKA!

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Eureka Springs, that is. Daniel and I have been saying for over a year that we wanted to make it up to Eureka Springs to poke around but just never got around to it. There was an Ozark Folk Festival this weekend and it was a pretty day so we headed up this afternoon for… Read more »

Chapter 11: The Opposite of a Jonah Day

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  I won this in an Ebay auction today.  First Edition, 39th Impression Anne of Green Gables.  I could sing for joy.  I had resigned myself to never being able to own an early edition Anne of Green Gables.  They usually go for several hundred dollars.  I paid $36.55.  My heart might explode with excitement… Read more »